Zero Color, Zero Stress.






Zero Color provides to Professional hair stylists with the flexibility to bleach and lighten hair with the guarantee of an outstanding result. It has been specially developed to get perfect bleaching, creating stunning light effects and ultra-personalised shades. It neutralises the unwanted reflections yellow – orange, respects hair structure and preserves its natural beauty. Thanks to the uniqueness of its formulas and the balance of selected high-quality ingredients, Zero Color allows for full or partial lightening, freehand techniques, and scalp applications, always guaranteeing maximum hair care during the different phases of the bleaching process while ensuring long-lasting results. But above all, Zero Color is a complete solution: from technical treatments to the care line, each product has been designed to fully meet the specific needs of each Professional.






Key Ingredients

Inulin Complex

Innovative complex based on Inulin that acts as a natural conditioner: the sugars that make it up bind with water, deeply hydrating, giving volume and softness, making the hair easier to comb and protecting it from damage caused by pollution and UV rays.

Cool Blonde System

Special blue / violet pigments which contrast the yellow-orange tones of the lightening, when combined with bleaching or super-lightening powders. Depending on the quantity used, a more or less intense reflection can be obtained, resulting in a cold silver reflection.


Carrageenan Flower Tales is a gelling agent of marine origin naturally extracted from an Irish red seaweed, with thickening, soothing and conditioning properties. It protects the hair fiber and closes the scales, leaving no residue, giving the hair softness, brightness and strength.

Moisture Blonde System

A mix of protective components that act to maintain hydration, leaving the stem smooth and intact. Thanks to its formulation it is able to act in the protection of the hair and skin, for a perfect bleaching in full respect of the capillary structure.


High yield bleaching powder that guarantees a stunning lightening effect and preserves the natural structure of the hair. The ideal product for soft highlights and classic bleaching. The high concentration of Inulin Complex makes it possible to preserve the hair structure through proper hydration and prolong the durability of the lightening effect over time. When used in combination with Magic Oxidant, it counteracts and neutralises the yellow – orange effect and guarantees an excellent result



The bleaching powder for perfect results when bleaching by hand. The action of the active ingredients contained in the formula, which includes Inulin Complex and Carrageenan, allows for maximum performance and creates the ideal conditions for lightening, even under a light heat source, while keeping the hair well hydrated. In combination with the Magic Oxidant, the yellow – orange reflections are neutralised thanks to the effect of the Cool Blonde system. The specific consistency of the product allows the cream to adhere evenly to the hair for multi-faceted and streak-free lightening. It does not swell or stain, ensuring an easy and clean application.



This is a black bleaching cream that is perfect for full bleaching with cool tones. Its special formula with activated charcoal allows for a strong lightening effect and neutralises the yellow-orange reflections. The high content of protective ingredients helps prevent damage to the hair structure and keeps it well hydrated. This cream allows you to safely bleach close to the skin and lighten under a heat source to improve the lightening performance.



A white bleaching cream designed to completely bleach hair, colour highlights, lighten, but also to remove colour and cleanse hair through oxidation. Thanks to its specific formula with ingredients that respect the hair structure and the skin’s natural moisture, it produces variable lightening shades based on the combination of: strength value of oxidant, processing time, and temperature during application. The cream allows you to work safely, even if you are bleaching close to the scalp. The hair remains soft and hydrated after the treatment.



Blonde Booster is a cream additive for bleaching that can be used in synergy with Zero Color bleaching powders and creams, and to support the stronger bleaching products of the Energy Color line. The highly concentrated purple pigment Cool Blonde System contained in the formula, guarantees resistance to the strong alkalinity of the bleaching powders, neutralises unwanted yelloworange reflections and increases the colour levels in cold tones.



This lightening oil without ammonia is a colourless and smooth, Lightening Oil Ammonia-Free can be used to lighten natural hair colour by two to four shades. The active ingredients contained in the special formula enable natural lightening, counteract unwanted reflections and colour flooding, and neutralises the yellow – orange effect for an excellent result. The high concentration of the ingredients as Inulin Complex and Aloe Vera strengthen the hair, making it more elastic and shiny without changing the natural reflection. It is recommended for reviving dull and lacklustre colour and minimising the contrast between the lightened sections and the natural bases.



An oxidising emulsion developed to improve the properties of the blonding agents in the Zero Color line. The Cool Blonde System formula contains a special pigmentation that is activated when mixed with blonding powders and creams, transforming the mixture into a soft and easy-to-use emulsion that also effectively neutralises the yellow-orange reflections. Enriched with Inulin Complex and other special protective ingredients that help maintain the hair’s natural moisture and leave the stick intact and smooth. Its hypoallergenic fragrance guarantees maximum comfort during the different application phases. Available in versions: 10 vol.- 3 %, 20 vol. – 6 %, 30 vol.- 9 % and 40 vol. – 12%.