Innovation and learning

are the keys to growth.

Choose and customize your path, to enhance your technical skills, to deepen your artistic inclinations, or simply to overcome your limits and broaden your horizons.

The best Stylists & Coaches are at your side..

A team of top-level stylists, technicians and Tutors with international experience.

Not only technique and practice, but also artistic

inspirations, fashion, trends.

Occasioni di formazione e crescita costante a tutti i livelli.

Not only technique.

Give value to your work.

Through an engaging mix of technical training and creative interpretation suggestions, we will teach you to outline a successful strategy to be adopted every day in the salon.

Objective: to enhance the daily service and the experience perceived by the customer.


The evolution

of the hair stylist.

LMA has been the first Academy in Italy to propose highly innovative techniques, values, language, method and tools, thanks to highly trained professionals in Image Consulting.

The main goal is to make hair stylists become professional Lookmakers.



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