Healthier and stronger hair, every day. Evoque has created a line suitable for all hair types, ideal for thin hair and for frequent use. These products contain active ingredients with an emollient, protective and nourishing action (fruit acids), substantiating and volumizing (silk and milk proteins): their combined effect makes the hair immediately stronger, full-bodied, healthier and stronger.

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hKey Ingredients

Milk, Soy and Silk protein. Benefits in the use of proteins: conditioning effect, give hair more body at low concetrations, they are effective on a great range of pH, hydrating properties. It is proved that the constant use of proteic products on hair, helps in time to increase its diameter with a consequent, not only restructuring and nourishing but also substantivizing and volumizing, effect.

Fruit acids. They are extracted from a specific mixture of fruits and herbs especially dosed to obtain a pool of sinergical and functional active principles. The specific mixture used is obtained from apple, grapevine, blueberry, lemon and sugar cane; and it has a nourishing and hydrating as well as a regenerating and antioxidating action.

Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. 
Hydrolyzed keratin is a protein that performs a protective and film-forming action, merging with the keratin naturally contained in the hair, giving it elasticity and softness. Hyaluronic acid has an anti-aging and anti-free radical action, reduces flaking and moisturizes the scalp. Collagen hydrates and strengthens the hair structure, stimulates cell regeneration and gives new shine to the hair.

Mix of natural acids. They act favouring tissue regeneration and are capable of stimulating the fibroblasts and of increasing collagen production.



Shampoo formulated with conditioners with zero “build-up” effect for immediately bright and healthy hair. Restructuring and nourishing but also volumizing and sustaining effect. Ideal also for frequent use and after sport.

80ml - 250ml - 1lt - 5lt



Light, nourishing, fluid conditioner; does not weigh hair down but makes it soft, fluid and docile, helping free-flowing of brush and comb. Enriched with milk, soy and silk protein actives and with fruit acids has an important moisturizing and sustaining action. Ideal for frequent use is suitable for every type of hair.




Pleasantly perfumed creamy mousse has an immediate action for a disentangling and moisturizing effect. The milk proteins associated with Panthenol improve hair’s manageability and give body and shine




No-rinse spray formulated to create a volumizing effect. Leaves hair light, bright and extremely soft.




Thanks to the complex of collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and french oak extract for an immediate filling effect. More structured and shiny hair with more strength and thickness.