More hydration, no more dryness. Evoque Hydrating is the specific line for dry and long hair, ideal for repairing split ends, fortifying the stem and detangling with an antistatic effect. The products are enriched with moisturizing agents that do not weigh hair down and guarantee lightness to longer hair.

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hKey Ingredients

Silk protein. Nourishing and shining action. An extremely innovative active ingredient made up by one proteic restructuring part derived from SILK acts as a restorative “repairing” that part of hair which is damaged.
It creates a real protective film that wraps hair with a barrier effect that protects hair from the drying; has a softening and disciplinating action; restructures and prevents split-ends formation; has a polishing action.

Almond oil.Oil rich in vitamins and beneficial fatty acids that provide soothing, firming and antioxidant properties. It has a detangling and smoothing power that fights the frizz effect of drier and more rebellious hair.

Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are one of the best natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds give new life to dry, brittle and dull hair, as they deeply hydrate and strengthen the hair.


Nettle extract. Astringent and tonic extract used in cases of oily and impure scalp and hair. Nettle helps regulate the sebum production of the scalp, as well as stimulating blood circulation, thus strengthening the follicles and preventing weakening of the hair.



Long-lasting moisturizing shampoo, especially designed to be used on long hair with brittle ends. Thanks to the presence of almond oil combined with other active ingredients - with restructuring, moisturizing and strengthening properties, it counteracts the formation of split ends and the stressful effect of hairdryers, brushes and straighteners, leaving the hair soft and easy to comb.

80ml - 250ml - 1lt - 5lt



Specific moisturizing mask for long hair with brittle ends. Its active ingredients with restructuring, moisturizing and strengthening properties act against the formation of split ends and against the stressful effect of hair dryers, brushes and plates. In addition, the silk proteins create a protective film around the hair, leaving it soft, protected and easy to comb.




Cosmetic treatment for lengths and ends based on flaxseed oil. It lends shine and softness without weighing it down. It prevents split ends and strengthens the stem by protecting it from stressful actions, such as hair straighteners and external aggressions, like sun, wind, and smog.




Biphasic conditioner indicated for long hair. Thanks to the double formulation it untangles the hair with an antistatic effect and gives body and volume without weighing it down. It restructures and strengthens the hair by integrating vitamins and minerals, for shiny and silky hair.