A wide range of specific products for dry, brittle, difficult to detangle hair. This type of hair needs hydration, nourishment, elasticity and protection from external agents that accelerate the drying processes. This is why we have developed a line of products with high moisturizing, elasticizing and conditioning power that have an immediate and visible result.

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hKey Ingredients

Grape berries stem cells. This particular kind of stem cells have an intense protective antiage effectiveness by antioxidant action: the laboratory tests show that they efficiently and swiftly destroy the radical species; the product is therefore an optimal support to fight the harmful radical species that are developed both by endogenous factors (stress, smoke, bad diet) and by esogenous factors (pollution, radiations, UV rays, hairdryer thermical stress, plates).

Elastine. Has a repairing and nourishing action; contributes to compensate the loss of elasticity due to poor cell cohesion.


Ceramides. Ceramides complex, with a cementing repairing action, whose action mechanism is schematically shown in the figure. The ceramides complex used in liquid crystal form, can enter the damaged layers of hair’s fiber and repair them.

Jojoba Oil. Hydrating, softening, soothing and calming: restores hydration. Sebum-regulating/sebum-restoring action. Similar to keratine, the jojoba oil penetrates in the damaged areas of eyelashes and hair, bringing them nourishment.

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hMoisturing and nourishing effect



The actives based on “Cultivar” grape stem cells, Ceramid complex and Elastin have a nourishing, restructuring and moisturizing action. Hair will results soft, light and shining.

80ml - 250ml - 1lt - 5lt



Intense mask with a restructuring, disentangling and elasticizing action. The jojoba oil amplifies the disentangling and nourishing qualities of the specific shampoo to obtain a more hydrated, lively and easy to comb hair.

200ml - 500ml



Hydro-alcoholic lotion with rinsing, to give immediate nourishment. It constitutes a real regenerating shock-treatment, it conditions hair realigning the cuticle’s scales. It Is perfect for the treatment of very dry and arid hair and particularly after technical treatment.

13 x 6 ml



No-rinse conditioning spray with a detangling, polishing and restructuring action; It leaves hair soft, shining and light. With the actives based on “Cultivar” grape stem cells, Ceramid complex and Elastin, It ensures a high restructuring, nourishing and protective action. It brings lightness and flowing; hair will thus be revitalized.