Evoque Purify is the specific line of products for greasy hair, for the treatment of dandruff and to prevent hair loss. Thanks to the synergy of its specific active ingredients, it sanitizes and purifies the scalp in depth, counteracts the formation of dandruff and helps to strengthen the hair, leaving a feeling of fresh well-being, for a regenerated skin and a healthier and stronger hair.

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hKey Ingredients

Essential oils. UA natural elixir that combines the antibacterial and toning properties of rosemary essential oil with the soothing, anti-inflammatory and purifying action of tea tree oil, for an immediately younger, healthier and more protected skin.

Fioravanti’s Balm. A mixture of natural derivatives that have a tonic-stimulating, sanitizing and soothing effect; it contains: aloe, myrrh, calamus, angelica, zedoaria, cloves, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg.

Piroctone Olamine and Zinc Pyrithione. They are two active ingredients with anti-dandruff and antifungal action that fight germs and bacteria, help reduce irritation and regulate sebum and pH in the skin.

Capryloyl Glycine. A specific aminoacid derivate with high purifying, protective and sebum-normalizing properties: reduces sebum level -reduces irritation, inhibits the germs responsible for acne appearance, contributes to re-estabilish the normal physiological pH.



Trivalent action pre-shampoo to prepare the skin. Suitable for hair-loss prevention, and as sebum cleanser and controller, it prevents the formation of dandruff.




Trivalent shampoo, it cleanses without making the skin sensitive, it gives fluidity to the stem letting hair become stronger and softer. It is enriched with essential oils and specific vegetable derivates to exalt a tonicstimulating, refreshing, soothing action for the skin and reactivate microcirculation.

80ml - 250ml - 1lt - 5lt



Adjuvant for hair-loss prevention. Rich in herbs extracts and essential oils, with specific cleansing, purifying, soothing and strengthening properties.




To prevent hair loss, Evoque Purify offers a shock treatment lotion that combines the invigorating power of rosemary essential oil, which acts on skin microcirculation, and the tonic-stimulating properties of some ingredients of the Fioravanti conditioner such as angelica, black pepper, ginger and nutmeg. No stress, no loss.

13 x 6 ml