Rebuilds, repairs, Restructura. A specific line conceived for the reconstruction of dry and brittle hair that has undergone destructuring chemical treatments. In just 20 minutes the active ingredients present in its formula, such as ceramides, wheat proteins and keratin, are able to make the hair structure healthier and stronger, with clearly visible results from the first treatment.

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hKey Ingredients

Ceramids. Ceramids can be defined as “cement” that contributes mantaining a barrier function against external attacks. Infact, one of the most important function is to reduce at least evaporation of humidity, preserving water inside capillary surface and avoiding dehydration. They have a smoothing, protective and strenghtener effect on hair and, consequently, polishing.

Hydrolyzed Keratin.It is a protein rich in vitamins and trace elements that performs a protective and film-forming action, merging with the keratin naturally contained in the hair, strengthens the capillary structure in depth, above all it is able to give the hair great softness and elasticity.

Wheat proteins. Wheat proteins have a strong affinity with hair keratin and are able to act directly on the structure of the hair fiber: “filling” the damaged areas and closing the cuticles. A moisturizing, protective and conditioning action with a final effect of great softness and shine.



The unique formula of the Evoque reconstruction shampoo restores lost amino acids to even the most brittle hair or hair damaged by technical treatments. It has a high content of ceramides and wheat proteins, extremely useful for the reconstruction of hair and to make it structurally stronger.




The reconstruction oil with ceramides, thanks to its formula enriched with vitamins and trace elements of hydrolyzed keratin, acts on the damaged parts of the stem, carrying out an emollient and protective action on hair and skin, penetrating deeply with an anti-aging effect.




It rebuilds the hair shaft and has a moisturising and emollient action even on the scalp. The key ingredient are ceramides, which support the hair to retain water, with a smoothing, protective and strengthening effect, as well as polishing.