All smooth, with Evoque Sleek & Smooth. The specific line for the treatment of undisciplined and/or slightly curly hair, on which it facilitates the smooth hair-style. The products are created with specific active principles to re-disciplinate, soften and give shine to hair, cut down volume, hydrate and facilitate the right cohesion of scales to obtain a perfect smooth.

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hKey Ingredients

Panthenol. It is a precursor of vitamin B (pro vitamin B5), which is essential for healthy skin and hair. It has regenerating, moisturizing and soothing properties, and is effective for fortifying and making hair shiny. It ensures nourishment to the stem and has a protective antioxidant action.


Papyrus extract. From Egypt comes the papyrus, from which is obtained an extract that has an hydrating action on hair and helps to consolidate scales coating, increasing hair softness and shine; protects from external aggression. The women of ancient Egypt took care of their hair with a preparation based on this ingredient.


Glioxilic Acid. It has a specific smoothing action, that favours scales closure facilitating the smooth hairstyle, which results longer-lasting.



Silk Proteins. Silk proteins are an extremely innovative active ingredient, consisting of a protein part – able to repair damaged hair and a protective part – which is activated by the effect of heat, during drying, creating a protective film around the hair.


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hSleek & smooth effect



Smoothing and anti-frizz treatment with glyoxylic acid and aloe extract, for a long-lasting smooth hair. In combination with the Sleek & Smooth Alkaline Shampoo ss0P, it’s perfect to make hair smooth and silky for a long-lasting effect.




Alkaline Shampoo at pH 8.5 that makes your hair residue-free and ready for the successful outcome of the smoothing treatment. It strengthens and restructures the hair thanks to its formula enriched with panthenol and specific active ingredients with nourishing, protective and antioxidant action, making the hair free of residues, ready for an effective disciplining treatment.




Acid-pH shampoo that gives strength and helps restructure the hair. Its specific active ingredients - panthenol, silk proteins and papyrus extract - regulate, soften and modulate the volume of the hair, facilitating the compactness of the capillary cuticles. For a perfect smoothing, use it in combination with the Glyoxylic Acid mask and the Smoothing Milk.

80ml - 250ml - 1lt - 5lt



Mask with conditioning and anti-frizz action, ideal to prepare the hair to smooth styling. Thanks to glyoxylic acid, with its smoothing action on the hair cuticles and the thermoactive silicone properties of silk proteins, which create a protective film around the hair, the ss2 mask contributes to a perfect smooth crease.




Leave-in no-frizz milk cream with a protective and polishing action; ideal to facilitate drying after the smoothing treatment and useful as maintenance at home. It has conditioning and laminating action. Hair result soft and shining, less sensible to the atmospheric humidity’s action.