Zero Color, Zero Stress.





Zero Color Care is the specific maintenance care for bleaching treatments and lightening. Ideal for contrasting yellow-orange reflections, it neutralises the unwanted reflections yellow – orange, respects hair structure and preserves its natural beauty.



Key Ingredients

Inulin Complex

Innovative complex based on Inulin that acts as a natural conditioner: the sugars that make it up bind with water, deeply hydrating, giving volume and softness, making the hair easier to comb and protecting it from damage caused by pollution and UV rays.

Special violet pigments

Violet and yellow are complementary colors: they tend to cancel each other out when added together. For this reason, the special violet pigments neutralize the unwanted yellow-orange shades by depositing themselves on the surface of the hair, restoring the colder pigments and making the hair fiber more shiny.

Hydrolyzed Keratin

Hydrolyzed keratin is a protein rich in vitamins and trace elements that performs a protective and film-forming action, merging with the keratin naturally contained in the hair. It strengthens the hair structure in depth and gives the hair elasticity and softness.

Argan and natural Amino Acids

Argan oil has antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties, thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids, it gives the hair shine, strength and softness. Instead, the amino acids of wheat and soy perform an effective nourishing, emollient and regenerating action on the hair and skin.

250ml - 1000ml


Goodbye Yellow Effect!

This shampoo nourishes and gives shine to the hair and counteracts unwanted yellow – orange reflections. Thanks to its unique formula with Inulin Complex, Keratin and Argan oil, it hydrates the hair structure, maintains the color bright and thoroughly cleanses hair. It has a toning effect and donates extra shine, from the roots to the tips for a safe and longlasting result.


During application


100ml - 500ml


Long live the light!

Repairing, moisturising and shine-giving mask, perfectly counteracts yelloworange reflections by neutralising unwanted tones. Its formula contains the active ingredient Inulin Complex, which allows it to moisturise the hair structure and maintain the shine of the colour. Volume and suppleness are guaranteed. The blend of protective oils enhances the regenerating and nourishing effect. The ingredients as Keratin and Argan oil add shine to the hair structure and guarantee a long-lasting result.


During application




Never say yellow!

Anti-yellowing Leave-in Mousse ha un’eccezionale azione protettiva e condizionante, garantendo al tempo stesso un efficace effetto antigiallo. La sua ricca formulazione, che combina Inulin Complex, pigmenti viola e aminoacidi del grano e della soia, neutralizza i riflessi giallo-arancio indesiderati e svolge un’intensa azione tonalizzante, oltre a donare ai capelli morbidezza, lucentezza e setosità, senza appesantire. Districa e ripara i capelli, proteggendoli dai danni causati dall’inquinamento e dai raggi UV.


During application


30ml - 100ml


Nourishes, moisturizes, illuminates!

Designed for blonde, gray or damaged from bleaching hair, Nourishing AntiYellowing Oil is a protective and cleansing oil that revitalises the hair from first use. It was developed to care for lengths hair and tips, moisturizing the hair structure and strengthens hair that has been damaged by treatments. Its special formula with Argan oil and UV filters protects hair and scalp from external influences, provides fullness and suppleness, and prevents split tips. The special concentration of purple pigments helps to reduce the yellow – orange effect and maintain the tone over time.


During application